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Goin' Commando (Unscented) Organic Beard Oil

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Goin' Commando Beard Oil is Southern Beard Co.'s original all organic Beard Oil, great for all beards.

Southern Beard Company All Organic Beard Oil has similar properties and benefits to our other all organic beard care products, and it's conveniently packaged together to keep your hair healthy, strong, and manageable. Step up your facial hair game and turn that scraggly beard into something you're proud of with Southern Beard Co.’s Organic beard oil.

Made with 100% organic ingredients, because we want you to love your beard and what goes in it. This oil should be enough to last most beards 2-3 months even with daily use.

Customer Reviews

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Clifford Witt
Premium unscented oil

This oil is fantastic, beard soaks it up. Leaves my beard so soft and fresh. Southern Beard co is one of the best out there, would highly recommend to anyone.

Awesome Gift! Great find!

It wasn’t easy finding a company that did truly organic beard oil and wash, until I found Southern Beards! I purchased both products and have them to my husband as a gift. They were packaged so handsomely I barely had to do anything to gift wrap it. Now he says they are the best he’s ever tried and really make a difference to his beard and skin! When I had a question about the products before I bought them I received a quick response and great customer service. Highly recommend!

Grade AAA!

When I was looking for an oil for bed time, I chose the premium Goin Commando unscented because I wanted the best for my beard, and I'm sure I got it. My beard stays healthy and soft in morning because the ingredients work so well that they really make my skin and beard feel perfectly well maintained with daily night use. Extremely impressed with the quality, quantity, and price of this outstanding beard oil. Their peach oil is phenomenal too! 👍🏻